About Us

Our Goal Is To Strengthen Your Children Ministry, Teach Them The Gospel Of Jesus Christ.

Children love Jesus, and it is our desire to see that relationship grow through energetic, engaging worship, lessons, and bible reading activities.

Kids have fun while they learn about Jesus and gain a biblical perspective. keep kids engaged, And teach scripture.

Children learn passages from virtually every book of the Bible – from both Old and New Testaments!

Invest in the spiritual development of your kids, Children Grow through dynamic Bible learning and engaging worship. Don’t lower the bar when teaching children. Find the best material, and teach it well. Our Books have many more Bible-based activities that children love. They’re carefully designed using proven educational methods and endorsed by Christian educators. Our books are Scripture knowledge, they’re perfect for all Christian Children.

We Distribute Children Christian Books To Organization, Educate And Expose Children To The Gospel Of Jesus Christ.

Organizations we give books to:
Orphans, Childcare, Teaching Agencies, Christian Schools, Church’s, Boy’s Club , Girl’s Club, Day Care, Children’s Camp.